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Underpass Bridge

For the purposes of surveying the National Road of Thessaloniki-Moudania, a 3D survey of an underpass bridge was made through technological advancement. A combination of ground and aerial surveying was performed using UAV, Laser Scanner, GNSS receiver and Total station.

Using a Faro laser scanner, a three-dimensional scan of the entire underpass bridge was performed. Through the above scans, a point cloud with real texture was produced, with a resolution and accuracy of only a few millimeters. In addition, a topographic diagram of scale 1:200 was produced, as well as diagrams of plan view, views and sections of scale 1:50.

Finally, through ground, aerial, as well as 360° photos, a virtual tour of the underpass bridge was carried out and all the necessary information was recorded, so that any remote visitor can tour the site and receive all the necessary information about the bridge.