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Apostle Paul’s Tribune

For the purposes of the maintenance and renovation of the historical area of the Apostle Paul’s Tribune in Veria, a 3d documentation of the monument was made through technological advancement. A combination of ground and aerial surveying was performed using UAV, Laser Scanner, GNSS receiver and Total station.

A trigonometric and polygonometric network was established using Spectra GNSS receivers and a Leica 1” Total station, with the total station a partial survey was accomplished. Using the DJI UAV Phantom 4 RTK, aerial photographs were captured in the form of a grid in a low altitude, achieving spatial analysis and accuracy of ≈1cm.

Using a Faro laser scanner, a three-dimensional scan of the entire monument was performed. Through the above images, a point cloud with real texture was produced, with a resolution and accuracy of only a few millimeters. In addition, a triangle mesh, a topographic diagram and a large-scale plan view were produced.

Finally, through ground and aerial photos as well as 360°, a virtual tour of the monument was carried out, so that any remote visitor can tour the site and receive all the necessary information about the monument.