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Kriaritsi Halkidiki

For the purposes of exploitation the coastal area of Kriaritsi Halkidiki, an area of approximately 13km 2 was surveyed using UAVs and GNSS receivers. The existing trigonometric network was measured, checked and new points were created. Ground Control Points (GCPs) were placed in the whole area using GNSS receivers. Successive flights were conducted using the eBee UAV to capture aerial photographs, while using GNSS receivers all the permanent structures were measured.

Orthomosaic, point cloud, mesh with real texture and a Digital Surface Model (DSM) were produced with a spatial analysis and accuracy of ≈ 3cm. Combining the aerial and ground measurements together a site plan from the whole area was created, as well as a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) in a scale of 1:200.

Finally, based on the topographic diagram the urban planning study and the boundaries of the parcels were applied, as well as being a reliable fundament for any future plans and architectural studies.